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Diversity Training in South Africa
The 1 day Eye-Opener© Diversity Training programme is inclusive, fun, non-threatening and aims to:-
• Develop relationships, unity and respect.
• Help delegates to know each other as human beings.
• Build understanding, through training & experience, of diverse eating habits and body language.
• Create an environment/ culture of multi-diverse communication & questioning.
• Develop a greater understanding of culture, tradition, religion, individual behaviours and communication styles.
• Develop inter/ intra-personal & inter-diversity communication & respect.
• Create an spirit of “adventure” to encourage delegates to try different cultural pursuits.
They will grow understanding & skills in:-
• Intra/ interpersonal learning, behaviour and communication.
• Praise & honouring.
The 2 Day Foundation© is equally inclusive, fun, non-threatening develops within delegates a deep understanding of:-
• Shift their paradigms relating to race, relationships, genders, and issues of diversity.
• Build understanding, awareness and skills in the areas of:-
• Communication, Personality types, Eating Habits, Body Language, Languages and Greetings, Proverbs, History, Individual vs communalistic behaviour, Attitudes, Traditions, Cultures, Religions, Gender, Sexual orientation, Age,
• Dependency, Independency and Inter-dependency:-
• Our need for others to survive and succeed.
• The fact that our actions, positive or negative, impact ourselves, our teams and our dependents and the vital need for Teamwork to succeed.
• The fact that “teams can only win through Respect, Tolerance and Understanding.” And the more Diverse the Team the more we win.
• Diversities within the team and respect for unique skills, talents, genders, knowledge, traditions, cultures and religions.
• Interpersonal and Intra-personal Understanding and Communication.
• Understanding and working with Diversity.
• Skills for handling Reactions to emotions.
• Problem-solving and Solution-finding skills.
Delegate skills and knowledge are built in:-
Each of the programmes can help delegates to:
Fun, Effective Diversity Training, Team Building, Team Conflict Resolution through Celebrating Humanity.
"At the level of respect, ALL people are equal". Arthie and Brian V Moore - 2001
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