Brian V Moore Managing Director of Diversity Training in South Africa.

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Author, speaker, diversity facilitator and change agent - Brian V Moore has a unique ability to engage, involve and unite people from any background. His skills in switching language, greetings and body language swiftly build relationships across diversity.

Known as the Peacemaker on the Dusi Canoe Marathon - for his work in bringing peace between canoeists and rural communities, during the 1990s. He was recognized for this work, by Archbishop Desmond Tutu with a Sanlam/Sunday Tribune Community Builder Award.

A wonderful teller of stories - he speaks English, isiZulu, Afrikaans fluently and gets by in the various Nguni languages.

He chaired the 2009 Learning World Conference, in Hong Kong. He presented at the London Diversity Conference - in 2008 and has presented to Post Graduates at Quinniapac University, Connecticut - USA.

He is the author of Team Conflict Resolution Strategies and co-author of Celebrating Humanity programmes.

The lates programme is the Dream Dynasty and Diversity Management in Schools. Our latest Dream Dynasty project.

The Dream Dynasty focuses on building the dream in schools and creating a safe, values-based, dream-focused environment for pupiles, teachers, school support staff and parents alike.

Other interventions include diversity shows, diversity speakers, diversity training, diversity management, team building, team unity and team conflict resolution programmes.

Request a proposal, or call +27 79 643 4457, or email Brian directly - now!
Brian V Moore believes that we add to each other in more ways than we can ever understand.

"I was always confident and happy as a single man. When Arthie Moore stepped into my life I become a full person. Her background, experiences and totally different view of the world have added to me, grown me, enhanced my abilities and have honed my skills and they way in which I relate to people.

Amongst many other things, Arthie has taught me how to give, how to receive and how to forgive.

Without her and the many other diverse people in my life - I would not be on such a wondrous and exciting journey though life.

The more we are exposed to people of different cultures, religions, views, values, perspectives, understanding - the more we are challenged to be more.

The more we stick with people who simply agree with us - the less we grow."
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Diversity Training in South Africa
Fun, Effective Diversity Training, Team Building, Team Conflict Resolution through Celebrating Humanity.
"At the level of respect, ALL people are equal". Arthie and Brian V Moore - 2001