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Team-building guru Arthie Moore is a Director of Celebrating Humanity International & Diversity Training in South Africa.

Arthie Moore is a multi-faceted gem. She is unique in her way and manner, in bringing about positive chang. She is an
international team building & team conflict resolution consultant & project manager

With over a decade in building leadership, respect, understanding and accountability within teams and companies she is well known, loved and respected as a powerful and intuitive leader.

Arthie brings far more to any talk or intervention than is expected. She is a delight to know and incredibly refreshing to speak to. Her thoughts and ideas help people to break free of their limiting beliefs.

With this in mind she has created the Just Coz campaign - and is helping people to change their lives - on a daily basis.

Arthie is profiled in the book Inspirational Women at Work - and has been recognized, for developing leadership amongst women, by Former 1st Lady of Mozambique Mrs Graca Machel-Mandela.

She is currently writing books on "how to build great relationships" and" recipes for success. She is the co-author of our Team Conflict Resolution Strategies eBook.

She is the co-author of the Celebrating Humanity series of diversity training, team building and team conflict resolution programmes.

Contact Arthie on email.
Arthie has extremely strong values and beliefs and is deeply driven by her belief that "At the level of respect all people are equal"
a principal which she has adopted for her company, Celebrating Humanity International.

Professionally, Arthie has consistently delivered a quality of the work and commitment that has been outstanding.

She is a passionate and very competent diversity coach who aims to make a real difference to her world. As a warm hearted and friendly person coaching with her is a real human experience.

Her eagerness to serve is apparent and she energizes all those she serves. As a leader she is inspirational and supportive and her organizational skills are also extremely well developed. Arthie and her partners not only impart valuable skills to programme participants but also leave a legacy of humanity, sharing and hope.

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Diversity Training in South Africa
Fun, Effective Diversity Training, Team Building, Team Conflict Resolution through Celebrating Humanity.
"At the level of respect, ALL people are equal". Arthie and Brian V Moore - 2001